"Conquering Mental Illness Together"

If a takes a village to raise a child, what happens to that village once he is raised?


Many times for, people with mental illness, that village is no longer. Due to lack of information and the stigma associated with mental illness, that village that was once looked upon as a source of encouragement, safety and guidance is now a source of shame, discrimination and ridicule.


Terms like “crazy” “weak” or “disturbed” are used to dismiss serious medical conditions. If mental illness is even discussed or mentioned, it is usually linked to criminals or dangers to society.


The village does not highlight those individuals who are accomplishing remarkable achievements and are excelling in life while also dealing with mental illness. The village doesn’t recognize the fact that mental illness does not define a person; it is just part of that person’s life. Sadly, while some do succumb to mental illness, others overwhelmingly defy it on a daily basis.


Mounting Hope Village, Inc. is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and encouraging individuals thriving in the midst of mental illness through scholarships and diminishing the stigma of mental illness through advocacy and education.


We are here to support you because we understand what you are going through, we understand that it is real and we realize how amazing you are.

Our hope is that shining a light on your story will help others seek the help they need to thrive as well. We are not renewing or providing hope, because you have already done that part. We are mounting hope.



Scholarships from Mounting Hope Village have two components.





Individuals affected by mental illness can contact Mounting Hope Village for assistance in finding additional mental health resources.





Mounting Hope Village provides panel discussions and access to webinars and seminars on mental illness, mental health and treatment options.



Mounting Hope Village, Inc. | P.O. Box 170522  Atlanta, GA 30317| hopeinfo@mhopev.org